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Hungry? Busy? Trying to Eat Healthy? Then you need GoMenu.

Gomenu is a way to quickly and easily find a healthy option for a meal to avoid diet slumps and junk food binges.

Gomenu is made for those that are busy and don't necessarily get a chance to eat good 'ol healthy home cookin'. You know, the Mom's & Dad's that work long hours, the students cramming for classes, the business person who eats out too frequently, and the rest of us who just want to eat healthier. No longer live in fear that you'll kill your diet and your taste-buds. Today is a day with NO MORE regrets because there is a light at the end of that delicious funnel cake tunnel my friend... It's called GoMenu.. HOW GoMenu Works: Unlike others, We like to Keep it Simple. We scour every listed restaurant for the top 3 healthiest options according to their REAL nutrition info and present the best options for those in need of a delicious meal that keeps you delicious looking.

We're NOT talking three different types of salads here, we're talking REAL meals. The nutritional information is factual and determined by health professionals!

-Search over 80 top restaurants (Growing each day! & we take requests!)
-Quick Near Me Maps for immediate surrounding restaurants
-Top 3 Hand Picked Healthiest Options with Factual Nutrition info and sweet looking charts.
-Slider Navigation bar for ease of use
-Social Sharing, remember sharing is caring.

Find us on twitter @gomenuapp and tell us what you're eating!
Download Gomenu Now! and Eat in the Know on the Go.



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